Hi there.

I was randomly wandering online, looking for some RSS fluxes to follow. And I stumbled upon a blog mainly about tips and clean R-code: https://blog.rmhogervorst.nl. In addition to this website that contains nice pieces of R-code, this guy also made a side website to dump his thoughts: https://notes.rmhogervorst.nl.

This kind of websites can serve several purposes:

  • dump thoughts like Dumbledore’s Pensieve
  • write something every day, to enforce the habit of writing
  • participate in decentralized web, by adding content somewhere else than on large websites
  • public to-do list
  • public life-long logbook

I’ll probably use this web space for all those aims, in a messy way. As for this website I’ll post less frequently but will try to post stuff anyway, in a more ordered way.

I have some projects ongoing, something new should arrive soon!