Ewen Corre

PhD student

Station Biologique de Roscoff, CEA-Genoscope

BonjourĀ !

I am a PhD student working on planktonic communities across the oceans. I am focusing on their interactions, in particular symbioses involving photosynthetic organisms. To discover this fascinating world, I am working on various Tara-Oceans datasets, mainly using metabarcoding and image analyses.

This small web space is meant to gather some thoughts and some stuff I make and interest me.

Blog posts

Protein 3D printing

at 08:54 3D-printing

I 3D-printed a protein that is currently being studied in my lab!

Small websites for personal notes

at 13:25 Website

I created a small side website to dump my thoughts.

My Phone Without Google

at 21:21 Phone, Open-source

I have a phone that follows me everywhere I go. The collection of all these data, even if they were anonymized, bothers me. So I wanted Google out of my phone.

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